5 Rare Food Spots in Chennai Worth Your Buck!

An artist’s rendition of the iconic Dr. M.G. Ramachandran Central Railway Station, Chennai

The taste of a culture lies in its cuisine. Chennai with its traditional cultural splendour never fails to impress gourmands with its exquisite and palatable dishes.

The diversity of the culinary practices in the city reflect different shades of the cultural blends that perfectly assimilated into the city.

History, also deserves a fair share of credit for shaping up the culinary preferences of the cityfolks.

In this blog we would be unravelling some of the little known eateries and food outlets that would shatter the stereotypical denominations the city is usually associated with.

1. Firdouse

If you have an Arabic inclination , no better place can quell your hunger.

Firdouse – Triplicane

Located in the bustling neighborhood of Triplicane, Firdouse is known for its wonderful Arabian palette such as shawarma,Grilled Chicken and Chicken kabab. The shawarma is a beautiful roll of chappati  stuffed with  chopped chickens and layered with mayyonise.

The Firdouse Shawarma is the perfect bang for your buck!

A plate of chicken kabab is really worth the buck and would be a perfect stomach filler for a group of four. Call them an extended snack but would be more than enough for making up a perfect day.

2. Bombay Lassi

Specialising in the skill of preparing North Indian snacks, the shop is always buzzing with a beeline of customers.

Located in a narrow lane along the Triplicane – Royapettah stretch , the eatery specialises in crunchy jalebis and the yummy  basandi – the Tamil version of kheer topped with nuts and raisins. Kachoris, Samosas and Lassis are a popular pick the place is known for. If you are looking for something tangy, sugarsweet and spicy you are in the right place. So do make it for this place once in a while.

3. Titanic

If you are for a perfect ambience to dine with a group, no better place could be so fulfilling.

Located at the iconic Marina beach, just a walk away from the Lighthouse railway station, this place is the right spot for the fast food cravers. Rice and noodles with various intermittent fillings of finely minced pieces of meat and masala is a relishable palette. One big bowl of anything here make your day. Bedsheets are provided by the servers to spread along the marshy sands and dining here with your group of desirables would be the sweetest spot you would have ever been.

4. Sukhanivas

If it’s time to get traditional, just bear a 5 minute walk from the Mylapore railway station.

Sukhanivas specialises in the South Indian vegetarian cuisine such as dosas, idlies and different flavours of rice. They may be a little overpriced but certainly worth the penny spent. Idlies and Rava dosas steal the show among the food itenrary. Dosas served with different types of chutneys and their tastes make them extremely palatable for the customers.

5. Fusilli Reasons

Bella Ciao !

Fusilli Reasons – Kilpauk

If you are looking for a perfect in house dining experience with the perfect ambience and lighting this is the best you could find. Located in kilpauk, it specialises in varieties of Italian cuisine such as Pasta and Garlic Bread. Beetroot garlic bread and cheese garlic bread.

How can one forget one of the hallmarks of the Latin Cuisine ! Yes , you got it right – The cocoon shaped pastas and it’s different versions – Red sauce pasta and white sauce pasta are the signature dishes of this place. If you are planning for a day end hangout,this is indeed one of the best you should look out for.

So, It’s never really late to start with and grab a bite. There indeed are many iconic food hubs to try out with. But we managed to narrow down the above five.

Please comment your favorite food spot and your savored dish. And let us know your experience and please register your honest feedback about our post.

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